OUR ABE LINCOLN book cover

Schwartz & Wade 2014
Scholastic Press 2009
Written by Jim Aylesworth
Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

'Our Abe Lincoln was
Born in the wilderness
Many long years ago... '

As the curtain rises in a school auditorium, the audience waits with excited anticipation. Soon a cast of spirited schoolchildren will portray the life of Abraham Lincoln through a simple, delightful musical biography. Set to the tune of “The Old Grey Mare“, this original rendition of a Lincoln-era presidential campaign song, and charming stage sets will have the youngest readers singing and acting out history. OUR ABE LINCOLN makes one of America's bravest, kindest, and wisest presidents accessible to today's youngest readers.

A perfect book to use for classroom plays!
( Ages 4 - 8 )

* Starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal

“With a fresh approach to Lincoln that is both delightful and accurate, Aylesworth sets history to the tune of 'The Old Gray Mare'...popular during the 16th President's campaign...McClintock captures the exuberance with charming visuals that outline significant aspects of the leaders' life and lore. Scenes rendered in watercolor, pen and ink feature a multicultural cast...as an introduction for young children, this is a perfect resource, for the engaging images and catchy phrasing as for the larger story it so deftly summarizes.” — Starred, School Library Journal

“A charming tribute.”

“Proving once again that they are a match made in picture-book heaven, Aylesworth and McClintock turn out a biography of Lincoln virtually guaranteed to hook readers.” — Publishers Weekly

“...McClintock bridges the time between [Lincoln's life] and now by illustrating the song as a school pageant in which youngsters in period costumes preform each verse. This rousing, unusual biography is packed with energy and humor - the top hats are almost the size of the performers; the “wilderness animals“ more endearing than fearful. Spot art reinforces factual or emotional content. A recipe for Mary Todd Lincoln's Vanilla Almond Cake appears on the back cover to add a tasty historical morsel for youngsters, some of whom might sing the song, or even re-create the play.” — Horn Book

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