100th Anniversary Edition/2003
Written by Kate Douglas Wiggin
Illustrated by Barbara McClintock
With an introduction by Patricia Reilly Giff

On the 100th anniversary of the novels' original publication, REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM was reissued, with ink and watercolor illustrations throughout by Barbara McClintock.

An outspoken and precocious ten-year-old, Rebecca is one of those rare characters who have become fixtures in the cannon of classic children's literature.
She leaves her beloved home at Sunnybrook to journey to faraway Riverboro, where she will live with two elderly and staunchly disciplined aunts. Though it was Rebecca's dependable sister who was truly invited, Rebecca's mother sends her instead, much to her aunts' chagrin. But eventually the charming Rebecca wins them over, along with her classmates, teachers, and the mysterious young businessman she calls “Mr. Aladdin“. And though her adventures take her through Riverboro and beyond, Rebecca's heart remains at Sunnybrook. (Ages 8-13)

“Another title celebrating a century marker, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm appears with new illustrations by Barbara McClintock. Her signature artwork with its period details, which appears as full-color plates throughout, seems particularly well suited to this cheery heroine. The illustrations impart a cozy, familiar feel to a long-ago world, and reveals a lively, generous spirit in the heroine who leaves her home to live with her two elderly aunts.” — Publishers Weekly

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